Beth Brooks - Great Mom

I would've posted this yesterday (Mother's Day), but my graphics card was being replaced.

Parenting is a thankless job. Jeff Foxworthy, speaking to parents, says, "You sacrifice decades of your life to no sleep, no money, no social life... So your children can grow up, go on Oprah, and blame everything dang problem they got on you."" Only two days a year are dedicated to parents - Mother's Day and Father's Day. I'm not good at verbalizing it, but I'm extremely thankful for my mom and dad.

Here are a few reasons why my mom is great:

  1. She's still married. Only half the population can say their parents this. I thank my parents for modeling a successful marriage.
  2. She listens. She takes a genuine interest in what people have to say, she's never told me she's too busy to talk, and people quickly develop a rapport with her because you can tell she cares.
  3. She's a great conversationalist. In high school, Mom would have hour long conversations with my friends. I used to always think, "are there enough subjects to talk about in an hour?" I hope to hone my conversation skills and have enjoyable talks with people like she does.
  4. She laughs. Mom has a great sense of humor. When I picture her, she's laughing or smiling. If I'm mad or frustrated she'll hop around the house, chasing me, trying to punch me. It instantly changes my mood and I can't help but laugh. I wish I had a video of it.
  5. She loves about her sons. I don't think there is any doubt that my mom loves me. If there is a picture of selflessness; it's a picture of her. I hope to show my children, the unconditional love she has shown to me.

Love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day.