Best Burgers in Nashville

Last week I went on an unintentional burger crawl.  My stomach led me to the three best burgers in Nashville.

1. McCabe Pub - 9/10

McCabe Pub has hands-down the best burger in Nashville. Make sure you choose sweet potato casserole as a side; it's amazing. To make a really great lunch, pair your burger with a pint of Guinness.

2.  Gabby's Burgers and Fries - 8/10

Gabby's is a tough find. There is no clear direct way to Gabby's because of Nashville roadwork and detours; but when you find it... oh man! Gabby's seats maybe 25 people - so the dining experience is intimate. The owner, Doug, grills your burger and he's an enthusiastic treat. He always wears a shirt that says "Living the Dream."

The food is authentically grilled and tastes unique. Sweet potato fries are a little over-cooked.

3.  Rotier's Restaurant - 6/10

Rotier's is secret because it's tucked away on a little side street, Ellison. It's your typical quiet diner with regulars and old patrons. I like the burger with French bread and onion rings.