Battle of the Gaming Consoles

1. Atari 2600 (c. 1977)

Best Games: River Raid and Pitfall. Enough said.

2. Nintendo Entertainment System (c. 1985)

Best Games: Sheesh, lotsa ways to go here: Double Dragon, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Paperboy, Jordan vs. Bird, Excitebike, Marble Madness (even though I sucked at it), Super Mario Bros. trilogy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Duck Hunt, etc., etc.

If you pressed me, I'd say Mario and Zelda take the cake for the NES. You could knock out a solid 8 hours every Saturday and not lose interest one bit. Top shelf games.

Random aside, does anyone remember The Wizard with Fred Savage?

3. Super NES (c. 1991)

It's a little tough for me to be objective about this system because I didn't actually own one. Don't discount my authority though, I did my time on the SNES. Two extra buttons and you didn't have to blow the damn cartridge every 5 minutes. Improvement.

Best Games: F-Zero, Donkey Kong Country, Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter II, Madden NFL '94.

Worst Games: Annoyingly, every game made for original Nintendo with the "Super-" prefix thrown on. All 71 of them.

4. Nintendo 64 (c.1996)

Nintendo 64 came out at roughly the same time Playstation did and our family had both.  I preferred Playstation, while my brother fancied the N64.  Because my face time was limited with the Nintendo 64, I only played one game... possibly the best multi-player game ever.

Best Game: GoldenEye 007. Proximity mines anyone?

5. Xbox (c. 2001)

Microsoft released the Xbox the same year I went to college.  That. Was. Awesome.

Best Games: Halo and Wakeboarding Unleashed with Shaun Murray.

If there was one multi-player game to rival GoldenEye, it was Halo. Shaun Murray's Wakeboarding game was the cult Xbox game in my senior year of college.

So that's it. Unfortunately, I was only able to review 5 video game systems.  I would review the PS3 and original Playstation, but I couldn't find any cool icons for them.

Did I leave anything off?