autistic wonder

human superstar. i don't know what it is about this video, but i found myself teary eyed after watching it a couple times. what was it that had me so moved? so enthralled? so emotionally driven? i think it has something to do with seeing someone overcome. i'm so moved to see this underdog, human being be thrust into triumph and victory. he was probably outcast once. he was probably overlooked once. he was probably alone with only support from parents. now he's accepted and what an arms open reception he got. the story is not very dissimilar from ours... granted, it was something he did to be received. but our story is what was done. we're complete, we're strong, we're wise, in Him. embrace it. now just a little note, he was and probably still is going to be defined as being "autistic." his sickness will follow him. not in our case. yours and my sickness, has been paid for. embrace it. watch the video. it's stellar. then listen to charlie hall's "i will overcome." i'm so stoked. merry friday.