5 Things I Will Always Be Good At.


1.  First Impressions

I feel like I've always been capable of making great first impressions.  I follow five simple principles: smile, look people in the eye, have a solid handshake, ask good questions, and throw in a pinch of self-effacing humor.

2.  Making my Parents Laugh.

I may not be funny to most people.  I may not be funny to my  co-workers.  but I think I know what pushes my parents tickle buttons.  I think it's because I've known them longer than anyone else...  

3.  Quoting Movies.

After watching a movie twice, I can remember and quote the entire movie for the most part.  It has come naturally, so I can't really attribute it to any particular practice other than a photographic memory.

4.  Running

No matter how old, fat, or out of shape I get, I'll always be able to run a mile in under 6 minutes.  I haven't timed myself in a mile since my sophomore year of college (almost 5 years ago) and I'm 100% positive that I could go out and post a sub 6:00 mile.  It's in the genes, thanks Dad.

5.  Dressing Myself.

Call me braggadocious, but I have a keen sense of style.  I was unofficially voted "best dressed" in high school; a superlative I will always consider a highlight of my life.  I am persecuted for my style/attire to this day.