300: This Year's Best Film


I saw the '300' tonight with Ben and John and boy was I amazed. I'm a little more calloused to movies when I watch them with the guys, so I hesitate some with recommending the movie to a female audience. But... I think if you can put the two sex scenes and considerable amount of gore behind you, you will find an excellent movie.

The filmography of '300' is astounding. My hat is off to the behind-the-scenes crew.

One thing that I can't get out of my mind is my willingness to compare the movie to my beliefs and background as a Christian. Here are some things that stuck out to me and I drew parallels from:

  • The tagline of the movie.
  • The relationship between King Leonidas and his wife, the Queen.
  • The leadership of King Leonidas
  • The position of Leonidas' death
  • The role of the squire.
  • The Spartan mindset.
  • The perversity and deceptiveness of the enemy.
  • The way that Spartans raised their children.

I'm curious to know the thoughts of others after they've seen the film. Please report back to the 'Birch afterwards.

*I'll probably head up to the IMAX sometime this week and watch it again on the big, big screen. Saw i for the second time on IMAX today.