2017 Goal Wrapup

Last year I set out 3 goals I wanted to accomplish in 2017. Here is how I fared:

  1. Maintain body weight of 175 lbs

    I didn't even break into the 170s much less average 175. For pretty much the entire year, I hovered around 190. While it was far off from my original goal, it was still 14 lbs less than I averaged in 2016.

  2. Grow DripEmails.com to $100k in ARR

    My intention, in 2017, was to really focus on this business and drive the MRR over $8k/month. I didn't hit this goal.

    There was a little bit of natural growth and I tried a couple things outside of my comfort zone; nothing really moved the needle in a significant way.

    • I thought there was a gap in Close.io's offering around mobile technology, so I invested about $5k into building an iOS app. Building an app is unfamiliar territory for me and this failed because I didn't know how to manage it.
    • I thought the business was too reliant on Close.io as a base platform, so I partnered with a friend to build a version of Drip Emails not built on Close.io. This failed because I didn't devote the needed time to marketing it and it's a super crowded space, so product differentiation is really hard.
    • Finally, because I'm 100% reliant on an external API (Close.io), I'm limited in the features I can build efficiently. I've always wanted to build a mini-Zapier specifically for automating everything in Close.io's platform. In order for this to be successful, Close.io would need to have a robust API for webhooks -- they don't, so I can't.
  3. Read these Books

    At the beginning of last year, I set out to read these 8 books. I batted .500 and only read 4 (the ones marked with a red x).

    I made it 75% through the Elixir book, 100 pages in to Lonesome Dove and a good faith attempt at Every Good Endeavor -- I will probably carry these over into 2018.

  4. These are 7 books I read in 2017, but never planned them as part of a goal. Ready Player One was a breakaway hit. I "read" it on audiobook by the extremely talented Will Wheaton.