2003 Yamaha R6 - Sold.


Today I sold my left arm, my weekend warrior friend, my confidante, and my... you get the point. I listed my bike on a motorcycle forum a couple months ago not expecting any bites from buyers and lo and behold, ol' Rob from Cleveland, TN came and took it off my hands today.

Last week Rob drove the 167 mile, 3 hour drive to come take a look at my "precious." Five minutes was all it took. He said, "I'll be back next week with a check." I've sold a car before and heard the same song and dance. Today he delivered with check in hand and pulled through. I had the bike for almost a year (August 06-April 07).  Here's the breakdown of that year:

Paid: $6000
Sold for: $5200
Fastest Speed: 158 mph
Number of tickets: 0
Crashes: 0