how a sunday should be

nov05_01.jpg so today was what sundays are supposed to be like. 8:00AM* woke up to watch the last 16 laps of the F1 race in hockenheim, de (that's germany, not delaware) 9:00AM back to sleep 11:30AM read some henri nouwen and an article on triathlons in runner's world 12:00PM watched moto gp race at laguna seca (nicky hayden won; rossi had engine trouble) 1:00PM drove out to natchez trace parkway because i've read over and over that it's one of tn's most scenic drives. it is. (see pic above) 3:00PM lunch with garrett & mcgary at calypso cafe. of which i totally forgot to pay for my meal AND when i went back to pay, they were cool with it! i guess that shows "honesty is sometimes the best policy." 5:30PM went to check out triathlon bikes at REI 6:00PM practiced putting and short game at legends club 8:00PM ran 2 miles with ben (roommate) then swam afterwards 9:00PM entourage on hbo 10:00PM dinner at chili's 12:00AM blogged, talked to lana, watched top gear *these events do not occur on exactly the time they are shown. the standard dev is probably 5-10 mins.